Frequently Asked Questions

My data is not biological or environmental.  Can you take on my project?

Yes, we specialize in environmental, ecological, and biological data, but we do take on projects outside of these fields on a case-by-case basis, depending on whether we have the expertise to properly assist you.

Can you come meet us at our company?

No.  Our goal as a business is environmental sustainability, so we do not travel.  Our work is web-based and we connect with clients using excellent and secure video conference software and file sharing systems.

Many consultants and companies analyze medical data.  What is the benefit of selecting you?

By selecting us, you are also contributing to and supporting important environmental and conservation research.

I am a student or a small new company and I am worried I cannot afford statistical consulting.  Can I still contact you?

Most definitely.  We understand the demands of being a student/new business and will work with you to help you to the best of our capability.

If you help me analyze my data, do I need to list you as author on my publication?

No, and we will work with you to make sure you understand the methodology and results so that you can write your paper with confidence.

Can you accommodate confidential data files?

Yes, we use a secure file sharing system to which our clients have access.