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For the Ecosystems that Sustain us



We are a small statistical consulting company specializing in high-quality data management, analysis, and visualization services for environmental, biological, wildlife, ecological, and sustainability researchers, students, and professionals.  Projects from other fields and industries are taken on a case-by-case basis.  We are unique in that our profits support environmental research and conservation.

Biodiversity, sustainability, health, and conservation have become a global priority.  Our mission is to provide superior analytics for the purpose of accomplishing research, conservation, management, and global health and sustainability goals.  

We provide a full suite of services, including data aggregation and synthesis, both traditional and modern statistical analysis methods, and data visualization and communication products.

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How We Can

Help You


We assist Masters and Doctoral students with proposal planning, selection of statistical methodology, data analysis, reviews of statistical concepts, and assistance with statistical programming, even for complete beginners!



We advise professional researchers and managers on statistical methodology for grant proposals and manuscripts, consult on and conduct data analyses, produce maps, tables, and publication-quality figures, and provide support for interpretation and communication of results.


Business Handshake

For businesses, making sustainable choices for long-term growth requires an evaluation of current practices and innovative ideas for change.  We assist small businesses in evaluating whether these changes could be profitable through high-quality data analysis.  We also perform data analysis for the development of new products and technologies and research in the biological sciences.